Monday, August 1, 2011

LG Washing Machine Repair 101, part 1

Did you know that you're supposed to wash out the water pump filter on your machine periodically? This weekend my washing machine started flashing me OE errors and dying mid-cycle. Sunday the emotional chaos here had died down enough for me to take on one more and I took a deep breath and started googling.

OE errors mean something's up with the water pump filter. Generally a good cleaning and ever thing's good to go again. Here's a good video tutorial. It's a yucky job. And you ought to do it more than once ever 5 years. :)) Our filter yielded slimy lint, a cork, polly pocket parts, rocks, candy wrappers and the missing key to the filing cabinet!

HURRAY, the machine ran a short cycle (empty) successfully. Happily I loaded it with the stinky towels from the slimy procedure above and walked away. I made dinner. I made a phone call to my mom bragging about my ability to get the machine fixed. I heard the awful ding ding of the machine erroring out, again.

 BOO! It stopped half way through again. It won't respond to all efforts to revive it. And it developed an awful "rar rar rarrring" sound. The water pump is deceased.

The shock of a $$$ service call inspired me to google again. Of course our warranty ran out in February. But I found parts. I'm overnighting those parts. I have a tutorial online to help supervise the Mister installing those parts. :))  Tomorrow.

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