Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Family Work Day!

Wait, wasn't it play? 
Cleaning up branches at my folk's place.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

DYI Chicken Silo

So after looking at many DYI chicken feeders we settled on this one. It's made from 4 inch PVC pipe, cap and elbow joins. The idea is that it will cut down on wasted feed. And that my hens won't run out of feed. I had a half a 5 gallon pail of feed and it only half filled the pipe. Now there'll be no excuse for no eggs, right?!


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Walnuts For Sale

There was an ad in the newspaper last week, 
"Wanted to Buy: Walnuts for Reforestation." 

Our son was thrilled. 
Allowances have been discontinued since May. 
So the prospect of making some money motivated.  
We had been dismayed by all the walnuts 
that rained on the recent windy days. 
And we were happy to have a child who worked cheerfully to help pick them up. 
Today the gentleman is coming to pick up his walnuts. 

He worked very very hard for many hours to get this many! 
So proud of his accomplishment. 

We have eggs!

First eggs from my chickens. 

Chickens :)) 
They're Polish & White Orpingtons. There are 18. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Hen House

The people door and entrance to the chicken yard. 

View of the chicken yard. 
Those are wild grape vines on the fence. Yummy grape jelly.  

Chicken doors into the chicken yard. 

Inside nesting boxes and perch. And me. :)) 

My birds arrived tonight but I'll have to wait to post pictures of them until morning. 
The light's not working in there yet. 

The Swing Set Saga

I wouldn't leave it behind.
I couldn't.
There were still too many swings to be swung,
Many more slides to be slid. 
It HAD to journey with us to the Cheese Land. 
Himself was distraught, "Have you seen the monstrosity? How shall it ever fit? It can't be done!" 
But fit it did, in pieces.
Oh so many pieces that I despaired it should never be rebuilt.
But it was resurrected! 
And now it sits beneath the grand walnut tree. 
Aye, even it has been swung & slid, with much joy, here in our new land!  

So many men & women contributed to the success of this mission... Ed, Mark, Nancy, Tom, Rocco, Steve, (another) Tom, Todd, and Granpapa. And Himself who wouldn't disappoint. My sincere gratitude for the future hours of play for my children.  

Wednesday, October 5, 2011



What kind of spider is this?
 It's HUGE!
(and juicy, according to Himself who bravely smooshed it)
Almost had to cancel our lesson. It was sitting on the top of the pile of papers. 
Now that it's getting cold they're all coming indoors.