Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bee Farming

Sorry I don't have any more pictures of the bee's arrival
 or the process of putting them into their new hive. 
I got stung. 
In the face.
 Right at the moment my dad dumped them into the box.
I was running away, swatting like crazy at the swarm of "gentle" bees that were 
going down my shirt, 
climbing into my ears, 
getting caught in my hair,
 and the millions hanging out buzzing & laughing at the crazy lady stripping in the barn. 

There was absolutely no time to take a picture, of anything. :)) 

So it appears that I'm mildly allergic to bee stings. My cheek is sporting a big bruise right where I got bit and I still can't smile about it. It hurts too much. 

BTW, I didn't take off enough clothing in the barn. 
There was a dead bee in my bra when I changed into jammies later. 

I'm really thankful I didn't get bit there too. 

YES I am rethinking the whole business of beekeeping. 


  1. Aren't you supposed to smoke them or something like it to get them all calm before you put them in? Or is that for when you take out the honey? Didn't your dad get stung at all? Why not?

    I am so sorry! I hate bee stings, too. Maybe you can delegate it to one of the older kids for a share in the profit. :-)

    We are still thinking about getting chickens, maybe next year. And only two or three. We had thought about bees until I read this post.

  2. No smoke when you're setting up a new hive I guess. I checked them tonight just after dark and it was a whole lot easier. They're moving in! I'm hopeful they can make a ton of honey. The bee stings are supposed to get less painful as you go. My Dad did get stung, twice, but they weren't painful or swollen.