Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Making Apple Cider

Yesterday afternoon my folks stopped by, "To pick up the older kids to help Grandpa make cider."

They'd picked bushels of apples at our farm on Saturday and Grandpa was ready to press them. He'd even brought along the first gallon on fresh juice for them to sample.

They're aren't any pictures of this event, yet. But it was the first pressing of apples this season. There will be more. The machine on the press is an open fly wheel and the real concern was for that my littles might stick their fingers in it and get hurt. So the littles and I stayed home and unpacked a few more boxes. (I found my warmer clothing!)

They made 12 gallons of cider!

Our hobby farm has several apple trees. The trees aren't a known variety of apples because they are "volunteers." They were planted where animals dropped the seeds.

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