Saturday, September 17, 2011

Warmer, please.

You can tell it's fall. My 4 year old daughter has added to her skimpy, preferred, wardrobe. She now wears panties AND socks! :))

The change of season has caught the rest of us dressed for another time of year. We arrived with summer clothing in our suitcases. The warmer stuff is somewhere packed in a cardboard box either in the garage or on the back porch. Washing out the seven sweatshirts & pairs of blue jeans has become a daily evening job. I'm thankful that the dryer is now installed and works, mostly. The sensor dry feature no longer works. But the timed dry does!

Living in this 50 year old farm house is going to change our sleeping habits. The thermostat may say 66, but it still feels much colder in the bedrooms. Warmer jammies. And I think slippers are actually going to be used.

I'll be checking out the local resale shops for flannel or fleece jammies. Especially for my daughters. Their bedroom is in the former attic which isn't connected to the furnace. There are base board heaters in their room so they won't freeze. The controls to these need to be repaired though so they're experiencing the change of season the most.

Today's unpacking "To Do," Find the winter clothing(!), And put shelving back in the pantry and fill it up with food.

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