Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Virtual Public School

We are contemplating enrolling our kids in our state's virtual public school for next year's schooling.

Why? Beyond the fact that this if February--homeschool burnout month. [Fortunately no homeschool catalogs have found there way to our new address. I think I might just have an old fashioned moment of the vapors if one arrives, ugh.]

I look at the pro's of virtual schooling and can get excited.
-- Someone else gets to give them the consequences for not meeting deadlines.
-- Individual responsibility for progress
-- Potential for taking a couple classes at the local public school like music, band, P.E., math, or science.
-- Credibility instead of, "Oooooh you  h o m e s c h o o l."
-- Keep the flexibility in our schedule to plan around our other activities and for field trips
-- The kids will still be at home so the momentum we have for character training will continue
--Flexibility for each kid in each subject. Ahead or behind in a subject, fine. They'll work at their own pace & learning level.

The cons? I was very surprised by the "homeschooler only" sentiment from the homeschool community. Apparently we will lose some of our homeschooling friends because the kids won't be registered home schoolers with the state.

And I won't be choosing their curriculum. Wait, that's also on my pro list! :))


  1. You will actually be losing friends? Like you will be shunned or not allowed to participate in homeschooled activities? Or is it more "de-facto" because the curriculum has a set schedule?

    I see both sides of the argument about using public curriculum vs. choosing your own. However, isn't the K-12 public school curriculum an issue of choice, too, which the homeschool community so embraces? You are just trying a different curriculum. If you don't like it, you can end it at any time, right?

    Some homeschooling moms are considering starting up an American Heritage Girl program as an alternative to Girl Scouts. A mom who sends her daughter to public school would LOVE to get into the program. However, they are limiting it to homeschoolers. Somehow, I don't think that is right. I don't know if I don't agree with totally shutting the world out or if I don't agree that we should be discriminating against public schooled kids.

  2. We tried this and it was actually quite horrible. After homeschooling for years, being tied to a school schedule for 7-9 hours a day for a 3rd grader was just wicked torture.