Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What a glorious 60 degree spring day! No one wanted to be inside today. But I'd forgotten how muddy a spring day on the farm can be. Our yard would make any pig very happy.

I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what I say or do the mud is bigger than any house rule I can make. And until the sun dries everything up I'll be battling mud daily.

Himself said at dinner time, "It's easy, the mud stay outside. It only comes in on the pets. The kids can take off their shoes outside the porch door."

I had no words. He doesn't get it.

I stood up the youngest and twirled her around quietly pointing out the mud smeared on her head, more on her rear, knees, and elbows. And then I pointed the rest of my dirty crew. Yes, their hands were washed for dinner, but that was about it!

And tomorrow -- RAIN. :(

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