Friday, November 18, 2011


Second oldest daughter has asked for locs.

I knew this was coming. So I've been studying up on it.

They're really tiny little braids or twists all over her head. We'll do braids since her hair won't hold the twists at the ends with all the swimming she does weekly. The idea/plan is that you don't ever take them out. Dreadlocks is another name they're called.

The biggest reason she wants them is so that she can manage her hair mostly on her own, forever. Except for the once a month tightening sessions, which can be done in stages, she'll be able to style her hair herself and change it frequently. Pony tails, barrettes, buns, head bands, braids whatever she desires!

Last year she sort of test drove this hair style when we put in genie locs or yarn braids. It was really adorable! And she loved the freedom. She's been talking longingly about that hair style all year. But she was reluctant to sit the 8 hours it takes to put them in again.

If she ever changes her mind about locs we know what to do too. Let the new growth grow until it's 2-3 inches long and then cut off the each loc. She looks cute too in a short afro and her hair grows quickly!

I'll post picture when it's done.

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