Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warming Trends

It's snowing!

The first snow fall of the year has succeeded in waking my children at 6 a.m. Actually it was my 4 year old's sleepy exclamation, "It's snowing!" that woke the rest of the troops.

Indoors though we're experiencing a warming trend. Yesterday our pellet stove was installed. We snagged a second-hand one through a local store 3 weeks ago. Another family was moving to Florida and they won't need their stove or their year's order of pellets. It was quite a find! We've been waiting impatiently for it to be installed.

This house is a 50 year old farm house. The original floor plan was a four room house. Since then it's had 4 additions. When the attic was remodeled into two bedrooms and a WC it wasn't ducted for heat.  Someone did put in electric heat base boards. But running those baseboards is expensive! And there's the risk of fire if one of the kids blankets accidently gets pushed against.  

But it's a drafty farm house.  The attic bedrooms, while chilly, haven't ever gotten lower than 50 degrees. Indeed we've all been adjusting to a lower setting on the thermostat after Himself paid the bill to have the propane tank filled. The furnace, water heater, stove, and dryer all run off gas. In the country that gas is from the propane tank out back. Propane, we've discovered, is the most expensive way to heat a house. So it's been a cool 62 degrees indoors. And we've a new friendship with our slippers, bathrobes, sweatshirts and socks.

The pellet stove was installed in the basement. Although we were assured that this stove is capable of heating 2000 sq. ft. we were dubious. But the heat in the whole house began to rise. It rose to a toasty 70 degrees! And upstairs in the attic bedrooms warmed to 62 degrees. Oh it felt so wonderful. My toes thawed. My nose was warmed. The kids slept soundly. Not so the pooches, whose floor-beds were suddenly too warm, they panted all night long in the "heat wave."

But it's snowing!

And inside it's toasty.

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