Saturday, July 23, 2011

Connecting....Connecting ....Connecting!

4H is on the schedule for this fall! I'm so excited. I was worried about finding a group of homeschooler to connect with in our new home. I know they're a lot of homeschoolers in our new area, but it's sometimes like trying a game of clue to figure out who, what and where.

There's now 4H. Science is now full of possibilities for hands-on activities. And the group is large, 60 kids!


  1. Are you trying to make sure you kids get socialization? ;-);-)
    (I had someone express 'concern' that my kids wouldn't get socialization. Breathe, Kris, Breathe. Be nice and prove you are socialized.)

    In all seriousness, I am so glad you are getting connected. And you are moving at a great time. BTW, Eric has cousins who are profs in UW-La Crosse)

  2. No, not concerned about socialization. More just looking for friends. Soooo, when you come to visit your cousins ..... you'lll stay with us! :))