Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thinking Hard About Making Money

Hubby's unemployment has all the rest of us thinking of ways to make money to help. It's really a two-pronged approach, making money where we're at and how to make money in the future from the farm. These ideas aren't to replace Dear Hubby's income. He's faithfully still searching and applying for jobs daily.

Next weekend we're having a huge garage sale. Each of our 5 kids wants to sell some of their own stuff too and make a bit of cash. We'll use colored stickers to keep straight who sold how much so they get their money.

Craigslist for selling bigger items has been wonderful. So far we've been able to sell furniture, baby items, and dusty exercise equipment.

It's far more fun to plan for "when we're at the farm." :) My parents & I like to dream. Farmer's marketing, bee keeping, teaching classes on preserving garden produce, and u-pick raspberry & blackberry &  blueberry patch are a few of the ideas we've spent not too little time discussing.

One of Dear Hubby's job applications this past week was very exciting to him. It would be a supreme fit. Please pray.

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