Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The Mister starts a six week internship today with a local financial crisis planning company. It's a very different field than his previous project management job in telecommunications.  Finance has been a huge interest for him, a hobby of sorts, for years. It has the potential to be an interesting job.

Internship = no money. But he's still getting his severance so it's all good. Why an internship? The president of the company and my husband will be working together to see if his skills and financial savvy are a mutual fit. At least that's all I understand at the moment.

They know we're moving in 8 weeks and they're interested in my husband telecommuting from our new location and expanding their business into that area.  Right now out of state/country clients skype into the office for their consultations.

It's was a weird morning here to see the going-to-work routine again. I'm glad though for the opportunity for him to work. Unemployment really does a number on a guy's confidence and self-esteem.

There was a job application last week to Edward Jones that he's excited about too. If there's an interview from that we'll be thrilled.

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