Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last year right after doing the kid's school physicals we joined Shaklee. Primarily it was because of my son's blood test results. His IG results were 5000.

We've known since he was 9 months old that chemicals in products gave him migraines. The poor little dude's forehead was scratched bloody that his pediatrician and I were brainstorming what else we could do for him. In addition to having him on Nutramigen formula (we're an adoptive family) and donor breast milk  it was suggested switch to cloth diaper & use hypoallergenic laundry soaps & household cleaners. It was November and I remember groaning because this would mean starting this month long experiment over the holiday travel season. I called my mother or the down-low on cloth diapering. And I joined Melaleluca. After a month it was so obvious our little fellow was feeling much better. He slept better, his forehead healed, and he actually smiled.

Fast forward to last year. We were no longer we part of Melaleuca because of the mandatory monthly minimum orders were so costly. And my stockpile of soaps I'd ordered to fill those monthly orders had run out. His blood test results also indicated that the store bought organic, hypo-allergenic free laundry soaps & household cleaners weren't helping.  I needed to do something and quick.

Fortunately my friend Liz was a Shaklee distributor and there was a promotional for the Shaklee Get-Clean starter kit. We decided to give it a one year test. We threw out all the old cleaning products and started using Shaklee exclusively. We also started all our children on Incredivites & the Optiflora Probiotics. And we started hearing encouraging feedback about our son from family and friends. He has become remarkably light hearted, smiling, friendly, social, and interactive!

His blood test was yesterday. I'm impatient to see the results. I know it will be better because I can see it in him. There will probably be more changes we'll have to do to bring his results even closer to normal. So far our experiment has been successful in that we see a huge improvement in his overall well-being.

Update! His IG score this year was 3263! That's a 1700 change for the better.
Yes, this improvement is directly and solely because we started using Shaklee cleaning products. We'll have done more allergy testing to get to the bottom of the rest since this number is still very high. We do know how that he's also highly allergic to grass, weeds, tree, mold. Mildly allergic to cats, dogs, and dust mites.

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